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3000000 Grams of Grains of Sound

Wooden material and objects, sand,
contact microphones, earphones, sound recordings


Mari-Liis Rebane brings into focus concern the changing states of being alone and together.
A staged sandbox has been created for the Sound Speaks exhibition, where you can create your own “space within a space”; and where playing becomes contemplation and vice versa. In this work, sound as a sculptural material is one of the main tools for sensing space, material and yourself.

Sandboxes and playgrounds are places that emerged in the
course of industrialisation, and as a response to social isolation and challenging living conditions in increasing urbanisation.

These are places for learning to get a sense of yourself, both by testing the limits of your imagination as well as through social communication with others. The audience can create and experience random interventions in the condition of the common playground for self-containment, which the artist has created.

The audio composition partly uses granular sound synthesis, and a part of the sound layer and texture of the composition is created through the selective intervention of the audience in real time. Contact with the material is both – partly self-contained, partly a dialogue, creating millions of combinations that consist of details. The audience is welcome to interact with the work as they desire – both passively and actively.

Group exhibition

Tallinn, Telliskivi Factory

Sound art festival
Sound Speaks
Curated by Aivar Tõnso

Photos by Aron Urb &
Sten Saarits

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