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Terra Sonus

Real-time streaming-based performance, which took place from Maajaam, Otepää Nature Park. The performance-concert was live-streamed to performing arts online platform during the Festival Of Spooky Action.

The festival took place during the first C-19 wave, when physical gatherings and performances were prohibited, and everyone was isolated from their own personal space, limited conditions and limited freedom of movement.
Terra Sonus was an audiovisual collaborational project.
The sound performance was by Mari-Liis Rebane (Vul Vulpes) and the visual implementation by artist Timo Toots.

The approximately 40-minute live broadcast Terra Sonus included field recordings, direct sound interventions. The visual part of the performance was transmitted via drones, where sound images, dimensions and alternated landscapes were manipulated. The sound work mixed the city and the natural environment recordings, controlled and uncontrolled soundscapes, technology and anthropogenic composition.


Kõheda vastastikmõju festival

Mari-Liis Rebane (Vul Vulpes) & Timo Toots

Audiovisual live performance @ Maajaam
via platform
40’; online live-stream,
video & sound, 2020

Field recordings, live interactions

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