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All The Comets I've Missed Out

"All the Comets I've Missed Out" (2023)
Interactive sound installation (metal tubes, contact microphones, 4 speakers)

I'm standing in a snowy field waiting for a comet (C/2022 E3 (ZTF)) to appear in the starry sky - a long-awaited visitor that last passed The Earth so close at the end of the Old Stone Age. But the comet passed already yesterday.
I missed it.

Sometimes it happens that events pass invisibly behind us like yesterday's comets. What impact do we have on the field of events? How do we resonate with events and non-events, interventions and non-interventions?

Mari-Liis Rebane, Helen Västrik, Jaanika Arum graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts majoring in contemporary art. Their collaboration began in 2021 with the experimental sound performance "No One's Desert", which premiered at the Sakala 3 theater. In their common artistic practice, they are interested in creating new meanings and environments for materials and objects under the influence of an external intervention.

The work "All the Comets I've Missed Out" promises to alternately take on the role of observer, interventionist, creator as well as destroyer.

Mari-Liis Rebane explores sound as a versatile material by interweaving interaction, documentation and fiction. As an artist, Mari-Liisi is interested in how, next to the dominant visual medium, it is possible to use sound as a tool that triggers a narrative.

Helen Västrik is a freelance sound artist and musician with a degree in both photography and new media. In the field of art, Helen is mostly involved in creating performative sound installations.

Jaanika Arum is a freelance actress who graduated from EMTA in Performing Arts. As an artist, she moves in her works on the border of installation and performance art, both in the context of gallery and theatre.

Group exhibition

Tallinn, ARS Art Factory

Sound art festival
Walls Have Ears
Curated by Erik Alalooga & Sten Saarits

Photos by Helen Västrik

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