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No one's desert
Eikellegi kõrb

What happens if a bird forgets its song? How to maintain viability if the current landscape that is transformed into a solitary metal desert? What does the world look and sound like when only iron birds are left flying?

She who has turned into a metal bird and has lost her voice due to noise is not willing to give up reunion with her fellow species. The longing to be in contact makes us look for a new language of communication in the inevitability of a transformed world. In order to avoid complete dissolution in the new circumstances, the interaction requires the abandonment of the usual form. Wandering through the soundscapes of no one's desert and colliding with metal creates opportunities for metaphorical dialogues through transformed sound sculptures. Both freely oscillating bodies and bodies that are forced to oscillate visually.

One of the sources of inspiration for this performance was the Regent Honeyeater, which lives in Australia - a rare species of songbirds, whose specimens have begun to forget their own songs due to the lack of companions. 3.5 million birds have also disappeared from Estonian forests in the last 35 years. In addition, birds living in the city adapt their songs to the frequencies in the city noise and compromise their vocal presentation by cutting out sounds and ways of singing with a certain frequency.

Director-actress Jaanika Arum, visual artist and musician Helen Västrik and sound artist Mari-Liis Rebane fantasize about the inner world, which is in the vortex of external changes. The production uses different media - the performer's body, sound, video, light and sculpture.

Sakala 3


Jaanika Arum, Helen Västrik, Mari-Liis Rebane

On stage

Jaanika Arum ja Helen Västrik


Mari-Liis Rebane

Light design

Aleksandr Mirson


Marika Vaarik


Jaanus Vahtra


Taavi Teevet

Technical solutions

Rinald Kodasma


Kristiina Praks

Graphic Design

Allan Appelberg


Tiina Savi

Supported by

Kultuuriministeerium, Eesti Kultuurkapita

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