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Mari-Liis Rebane (1988) is adept at many means of self-expression, she strives to transcend genre, style and medium, by creating post-internet art counterparts to sound. She seems to be somewhat complicated; she exudes restlessness and talent.

- Tamara Luuk, curator


Mari-Liis Rebane (b. 1988 in Tallinn) is an audiovisual artist and producer based in Estonia.
She has graduated Estonian Academy of Arts faculty of Fine Arts MA. The focus of her research is on sound narratives.


Sound Art

Sound Design
Video Art


Exhibitions and projects-

2023 / Sound Speaks / Telliskivi, Tallinn
2022 / Üle heli sfääriline õhtu / Kanuti Gildi SAAL
2022 / Walls Have Ears / ARS, Tallinn

2022 / Pure Pink Pox / Kanuti Gildi SAAL
2021 / No one's Desert / Sakala 3
2018 / Earwitness / Hobusepea galerii
2017 / Timer
/ Tallinna Kunstihoone

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